"All You Need To Make Your Home Look Nice"
"All You Need To Make Your Home Look Nice"
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Peebles Decorators Ltd.


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Peebles Decorators Ltd is proud memeber of Rated People. We always provide top quality work and highest standard.


Will I need to pay any deposit for services or materials in advance?


                Yes, we usually require 20%- 40% deposit in order to secure, undertake works. If we need to buy materials in order to perform the Services then we require you to pay for them at the time you make deposit payment. Small priced jobs up to £250 no deposit required.

How much will materials and components cost me?


                It depends what quality are you looking for. We always try to discuss with our clients what exactly they want and how much can they afford.

Can you offer consultation and design services?


                Yes, we can.

What is your current availability for beginning work?


                We work on FCFS basis (First-come, First Served). At the moment waiting time is around 3-4 weeks. 

Do you clean up any mess once the job is complete?

                Yes, that is our priority to finish job without any mess, so you can sit down and relax.

Have you got experience of similar projects and home improvement work?


                Yes, we have an extensive experience in all sort of decorating from drilling a hole in the wall to complete refurbishment.








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